Royalton students show ‘Luv for Lulu’ as senior classmate begins battle against leukemia, again


Royalton students learned that their classmate, senior Alexis “Lulu” Martinez is once again in a fight for her life against leukemia. Lulu, a Royalton student since the second grade, battled the disease when she was in the fourth grade. She is the daughter of Natalie and Kevin of Royalton, and has three sisters, Brittany, Payton and Rylee. She is currently being treated at Minneapolis Children’s Hospital. Friend and fellow basketball teammate Emily Fussy, said, “Lulu is a burst of everything — excitement and positive attitude.” Pictured above are several of her friends holding the message: “No one fights alone” front row (from left): Jesse Popp, Cade Stang, Brittany Martinez (Lulu’s sister), Caleb Jasmer and Megan McCray. Back row: Lane Holtslander, Jenna Trutwin, Emily Fussy, Eric Skajewski, Justin DeVriendt, Nick Popp and Devin Popp. Tuesday afternoon, the entire school body, wearing orange — the color of leukemia awareness — came together, ending with the chant. “We love Lulu.” A video of the afternoon is posted on a Facebook page “Luv for Lulu.”

ShirtOverviewAt right is the front and back of a T-shirt designed by Royalton graduate Lexie Lehrke, with Lulu’s image and the message: “Not all heroes wear capes” on the front. On the back it says, “Sometimes I think to myself, ‘why me?’ Then I stop and realize that this stuff happens because I’m strong enough to handle it. #imstrong.” Contact the Royalton High School, (320) 584-4200 for information about ordering the T-shirts. A “Team Lulu” account has been set up at Sentry Bank, with branches in St. Cloud, St. Joseph and St. Stephen. Order forms for the T-shirts will also be sent to surrounding schools, Brittany said.