Tax abatements given when buildings are lost to fire

by Jennie Zeitler, Staff Writer

Tax abatements were granted for eight parcels of land within Morrison County by the County Board, earlier this month.

“People need to let us know if they have property that was destroyed by fire, snow collapse, flood or other natural disaster,” said County Assessor Glen Erickson. “If one of the appraisers or I are driving through the county we might see that something has happened or we might read about it in the paper. But the best thing is for people to let us know.”

County residents whose homes or other buildings have been damaged by fire or other natural causes should stop in the County Assessor’s office in the County Government Center.

Erickson then checks with the fire department or other law enforcement agency to verify whether the property is uninhabitable or a total loss.

“The tax is abated for the year of the occurrence and for the following year,” Erickson said. “If the structure is never rebuilt, the valuation is removed from the assessment roles.”