Morrison County District Court

The following people, charged with a gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor level crime in Morrison County District Court, have recently been sentenced:

Gross Misdemeanor

• Kurtis Lee Stone, 28, Little Falls; (3/3/12) Dismissed against Stone was a gross misdemeanor count of DWI.


• Justin Arthur Juelke, 33, Little Falls; (offense 5/09/13) DWI, fined $310, sentenced to one day in jail and supervised probation for two years.

• Elisha Ann Peterson, 26, Little Falls; (offense: 10/15/13) DWI, fined $160 and supervised probation for two years.

• Scott Allen Steffen, 37, Randall; (offense: 10/16/13) disorderly conduct, fined $285, sentenced to two days in jail and probation for the court for one year.