Second hand smoke kills

To the Editor:

Before Mother Nature got out her large white paint brush, I was sitting in my car at a local establishment waiting for my wife, who was shopping.

A mother and three young daughters, I judged to be 9, 6 and 4, came to her car that was parked right across from me. The 9-year-old  got into the front right seat and her mother checked her into her seatbelt, then she secured the two younger ones into their seat belts. The mother then walked back toward her driver’s seat, she stopped, and, oh no, lit up a cigarette. With it still in her mouth she got into the driver’s seat. The last I saw of her the cigarette was in her mouth.

What was that mother thinking of? She protected her daughters in case of an accident, which the odds were against it happening and furnished second hand smoke to fill these young girl’s lungs, which was a sure thing.

Smoke gives the potential of creating many health problems, from turning pink lungs to purple/black lungs, which leads to many health problems, which can cause an early death. — Gordon Gerling, Little Falls