Wolves will eat the deer we feed

To the Editor:

I would like nothing better than to feed the deer. But, where I go hunting, if I would go up there and cut down poplar trees for the deer, the timberwolves would come in and eat all the deer.

I talked to a logger years ago in a bad winter. Twenty-eight deer came in to eat the brush and within two weeks, the wolves ate them all. Boy, I guess those wolves are good for the economy.

I guess next fall I can waste my time and money sitting in a deer stand and watch the world go by because there will be no deer, all thanks to those animal lovers that think the wolves are such beautiful creatures.

I would love to see these people spend a couple of nights in these woods when the wolves are hungry and see how they like them then — and don’t tell me they only kill the weak and sick — they kill everything because that’s what they do. — Al Ficek, Sobieski

  • I wonder how much research Mr. Ficek conducted before writing this letter. His assumptions that a) predators destroy prey populations, and b) wolves devour people would be laughable, except that politicians exploit such ignorance.

  • Erik Warner

    It isn’t wolves that are killing all the deer. It’s us. People kill far more deer, whether accidentally or intentionally, than do wolves. From the International Wolf Center’s website…..

    “In Minnesota, each wolf in eats an average of 15-20 adult-sized deer or their equivalent per year to meet their nutritional requirements,. Based on this average, and the estimate of 3,020 wolves in Minnesota, wolves kill the equivalent of about 45,300 to 60,400 adult-sized deer per year. In comparison, Minnesota hunters take around 52,500 deer per year in wolf range (over 250,000 for the entire state) and several thousand are killed during collisions with vehicles.”

  • Erik Warner

    Oh…and I HAVE spent time in those woods when the wolves are hungry. I hunt deer and bear “up north” and have had wolves run past my stand while bear hunting. It was a beautiful experience and I feel fortunate to have had it.

  • Concerned citizen

    Believe, and feel as you will about the beautiful Timber wolf…… But wolves are a menace to the deer population and the moose population of northern Mn. as well. Facts, and common sense tells us this.