Snow forces Pierz to close a skating rink

By Terry Lehrke, News Editor 

With so much snow and no place to put it anymore, the Pierz Council approved closing down the skating rink at Billig Park near the Pierz Fire Hall.

Public Works Supervisor Bob Otremba sent the information with Council Member Mike Menden, explaining the problem.

The snow has built up so much behind the Fire Hall, that firefighters are running out of areas to park.

The ice rink a block west of City Hall may end up being just half the size, due to the build-up of snow.

Since the season is nearly over, the city chose not to expend funds to remove the snow on the rink west of City Hall. Wanting to keep some ice available for skaters, the Council asked that Otremba continue to plow as needed on the rink, even if the build-up of snow decreased the size of the rink.

Council Member Matt Bell asked whether there was another area in the city to freeze for a rink, but with time needed to freeze an area and spring so close, the Council felt it wasn’t feasible.

So too, with the extreme cold, Menden noted no one was using either of the rinks much anyway.

After the snows on Feb. 20, Menden said there was just enough room in the Industrial Park for one more snow removal in town.