Gazelka misleading about MNsure

To the Editor:

Sen. Paul Gazelka made statements about MNsure and the Affordable Care Act in the Morrison County Record’s Jan. 5 issue that I believe were misleading as presented: discouraging, out-of-context sound bites.

Doing so, he continues a pitiful pattern of negative nagging and denigrating sincere efforts to help improve the lives of all community members, not just the relatively wealthy and healthy. Continuing in this manner is unhelpful; it is divisive; it is deplorable too since he advocates for Christian compassion when he says “let us forgive each other and focus on the value each of us brings to the other.”

Expressing my concerns in two emails, he responded with an oblique acknowledgment of his cynicism and the remark that he “was on the inside as MNsure was formed.” No clarifications or questions answered, as I requested; and I have no desire to meet with him, as he suggested.

The future is change; change is the unknown. True leadership will encourage, will build on the positive, will seek suitably inclusive outcomes to embrace the future, not feed illogical fears; neither will it be tethered to a specious ideology nor to a self-limiting world view. — Will Hecht, Little Falls