Frozen water pipes continue to plague Swanville city residents

By Liz Verley, Staff Writer

As with many cities across the area, frozen water lines have proven to be a problem in Swanville. 

At the City Council’s meeting Tuesday, it was reported that several more homes and a business have reported frozen water pipes.

Residents are asked to keep their water running if they think their water will freeze.

Residents who keep their water running should contact city hall at (320) 547-2291 and they will have their bill adjusted.

Lonny Hutchins said he has told homeowners that they are responsible for one-half the cost of thawing the lines.

City Engineer Mike Rude from Widseth Smith Nolting said, “The problem will probably get worse before it gets better. As strange as it sounds, when it warms up the frost goes deeper.”

Swanville City Council Briefs


Other business that came before the Swanville City Council Tuesday, included:

• Agreeing to pay for additional usage for city-connected business on maintenance worker Lonnie Hutchins’ cellphone;

• Giving approval for the installation of a phone at the city garage for the alarms at the sewer plant. Cost of the installation is $350 and $35 dollars a month;

• Accepting the grant funding for the city’s cleanup day and recycling program. The grant was $350 for the cleanup day and $1,176 for the recycling program;

• Setting May 3 as the city’s cleanup day and as the date for a citywide garage sale;

• Approving a contract with Astech for sweeping the city’s streets at an hourly rate of $95;

• Approving a contract with the Morrison County Humane Society for animals taken to its facility. The rates are $45 per dog and $35 per cat. Litters of both cats and dogs are charged by the number of animals delivered;

• Hearing the city’s Board of Equalization meeting has been set for April 15 at 2 p.m. It will be held at the Swanville Center; • Approving the contract with Dan Thilquist to assist and advise in the water and wastewater system of Swanville and also to complete all reports to the Minnesota Department of Health and Minnesota Pollution as required. As an independent contractor with the city, he will receive $600 per month for two sessions per week. Any additional time will be charged at $30 per hour; and

• Holding a closed meeting to discuss personnel issues.

The next regular meeting of the Swanville City Council is Tuesday, April 8.