Brian Middendorf announces re-election bid for county attorney

Brian Middendorf
Brian Middendorf

Brian Middendorf, Morrison County attorney, announced today, Tuesday, March 11, that he will seek re-election this fall.  

“I very much enjoy serving the citizens of the county. I firmly believe that my office contributes to making Morrison County a better place to live, work, and raise a family,” said Middendorf. “I have the best job in the world. I continue to enjoy the challenge of being county attorney, and I would be honored to lead the county attorney’s office for another term.”

Middendorf has served in the county attorney’s office since 1998. He was first elected county attorney in 2006.  Middendorf oversees an office of five attorneys. The county attorney’s primary duties include adult prosecution, juvenile prosecution, child protection, child support, civil commitments, and acting as legal adviser to other county officials and employees.

“I have some long term goals that I want to continue to work on as county attorney. For example, one of my goals is the establishment of a drug court in our county,” said Middendorf. “This is a project that county officials have been working on for several years.  The goal is to stop felony drug offenders’ revolving door interactions with law enforcement. This will ultimately increase public safety and reduce the costs for taxpayers.”