Area townships elect officers

Elections were held for supervisor and clerk position in 22 townships in the county.

Supervisors elected for three-year terms and clerks elected for two-year terms include:

Agram: All 11 voters in Agram re-elected Incumbents Supervisor Tom Leidenfrost and Clerk Don Tschida.

Belle Prairie: Incumbents Supervisor Frances Brisk and Clerk Virginia Tembreull were re-elected with 18 and 11 votes, respectively. Keith Kruske received five write-in votes out of the 19 ballots cast.

Bellevue: Incumbents Supervisor George Suska and Clerk Jean Balaski were re-elected with 17 and 16 votes, respectively. No write-in votes were recorded.

Buckman: Incumbents Supervisor Rodney Winscher and Clerk Nancy Lanners were re-elected unanimously by the 18 voters who cast ballots.

Buh: Voters elected Keith Gohl as the new supervisor. Kevin Virnig received 16 votes for the seat. Randy Marshall was the incumbent supervisor. Alicia Sebula will serve as the new clerk, as she received 24 votes, while incumbent Heidi Przybilla received three votes and Keith Gohl and Duston Herold each received one.

Culdrum: Mark Kedrowski received 19 of 21 votes to serve as supervisor; Supervisor Tom Mrozek received 20 votes and will serve a one-year term and Jeannie Carlson was re-elected as clerk/treasurer with 20 votes. No write-in votes were recorded.

Cushing: Receiving 84 of the 151 votes cast, Dan Symanietz defeated incumbent Supervisor August Japp for the supervisor seat. Japp received 65 votes. Incumbent Clerk Deb Symanietz ran unopposed and was re-elected with 117 votes.

Darling: Incumbents Supervisor Greg Zilka and Clerk Mary Mammenga were re-elected unanimously by 20 voters.

Elmdale: Incumbents Supervisor Jerry Theisen and Clerk Neil Frieler were re-elected by 47 voters. Theisen received 31 votes and Frieler 47.

Granite: Incumbent Supervisor Clarence Block was re-elected with 12 of 16 votes with Joe Stumpf receiving four votes. Incumbent Clerk Eileen Hargrave was re-elected with 16 votes.

Green Prairie: Incumbent Supervisor Dennis Prozinski did not file for re-election and 23 voters unanimously elected Wayne Stoner as a first-time supervisor. Incumbent Clerk Lois Peterschick was re-elected with 21 votes.

Lakin: Incumbent Supervisor Mark Bialke received 44 of the 61 votes cast in his re-election bid. LaVonne Micholski received 16 votes for supervisor. Incumbent Clerk Gerald Struffert was re-elected with 38 votes, while Cheryl Gadacz received 21 write-in votes.

Leigh: Incumbent Supervisor Larry Hebler was re-elected unanimously by 17 voters. Incumbent Clerk Wendy Tretter was re-elected by 10 votes.

Little Falls: Incumbents Supervisor George Sandy III and Clerk Bonnie Bieniek ran unopposed and were re-elected to their respective seats.

Motley: Seven voters unanimously re-elected Supervisor Mark Yungbauer and Clerk Faye Pepin.

Parker: Nathan Coyer will replace Dean Robinson as supervisor, as he garnered 28 votes. Grant Dalquist received 12 votes and Robinson, 11. Incumbent Clerk Stephanie Scepurek was re-elected with 41 votes, while Char Hale received two votes and Loni Pantzke, one vote.

Pike Creek: Incumbent Supervisor Ron Hourscht was re-elected with 60 of the 92 votes cast. Dennis Schultz received 31 write-in votes for the supervisor position. Incumbent Clerk Darlene Kroll was re-elected with 89 votes.

Platte: Incumbent Supervisor Shelly Boser lost her re-election bid to write-in candidate Don Froelich, on a vote of 9-18. The 29 voters who showed up at the polls also re-elected Incumbent Clerk Judy Boser with 25 votes.

Ripley: Incumbent Supervisor Curt Plante was re-elected and Clerk Norma Bjornson was re-elected for two years. Thirty-eight votes were cast.

Swan River: Twenty-three voters re-elected Incumbent Supervisor Paul Fussy. Incumbent Clerk Pat Oldakowski was re-elected with 22 votes.

Swanville: Incumbent Supervisor Neil Johnson was re-elected with 15 of 15 votes cast. No one filed for the clerk position, but Bunny Johnston received six votes to fill the seat.

Two Rivers: Incumbent Supervisor Stan Christenson was re-elected unanimously with 28 votes. No one filed for the clerk seat previously held by Kathy Bechtold, but Gina Salitros was elected with 12 votes. Others receiving votes were Christy Lahr who received two votes and Peter Borash and Kathy Bechtold each received one vote.

No response was received from Leigh Township regarding election results.