Lake Alexander Woods

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will conduct a public hearing to receive public comments regarding allowing hunting, trapping, berry-picking for non-commercial uses, and dogs when accompanied by their owner at the Lake Alexander Woods Scientific and Natural Area (SNA). The hearing will be held April 1, 2014, from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, or until all testimony is taken, in the Morrison County Court House, 107 2nd St SE, Little Falls, MN 56345.
This public hearing regards potentially changing the designation order establishing the current 1991 acre SNA to allow hunting, trapping, berry-picking for non-commercial uses, and dogs only when accompanied by or under the control of the owner; from April 16 through July 14, dogs must be on a leash.
At the hearing, a hearing official will record all testimony regarding the uses being proposed at this SNA. DNR staff will be present to answer questions on these matters. Written statements on this subject will also be accepted until April 8, 2014. Testimony may be emailed to [email protected] Please put the name of the SNA in the subject line.
Scientific and Natural Areas are state lands established to preserve natural features and rare resources of exceptional scientific and educational value. The Lake Alexander Woods SNA protects diverse forest and wetland habitat, bald eagle and red-shouldered hawk nesting habitat, and bog bluegrass, a threatened native plant species. The Lake Alexander Woods SNA is open to the public for activities such as hiking, bird-watching, nature photography, and snowshoeing. The SNA is also open to deer hunting by special permit.
Information on resources and location of Lake Alexander Woods SNA can be found at by choosing it from an alphabetical listing of all SNAs.

PUBLISH: March 16, 2014 (189720)

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