MNsure full of failure and lies

To the Editor:

A March 9 letter says that Paul Gazelka’s, Jan. 5, letter on MNsure and the ACA, better known as Obamacare, was misleading. Actually, MNsure/Obamacare is so full of lies, failures and mismanagement, that being misleading is much more kind than stating a few facts.

The often repeated lie ,that if you like your current insurance you can keep it, cost Democrats the House in 2010 and will hopefully cost them the Senate in 2014 and the presidency in 2016.

Obamacare is failing to be the deficit reducing plan the Democrats voted for. Our Democratic governor fired the MNsure administrator because MNsure was one of the worst in the nation. These are just a few of the facts about MNsure/Obamacare.

If one disagrees with any of these facts, please refute them in this newspaper, so we can discuss them in more detail prior to the 2014 election. — Thomas E. Paulson, Little Falls