Pirttila convicted on first-degree burglary charges

Corey Troy Pirttila, 23, Albany, was convicted of first-degree burglary Feb. 26 in Morrison County District Court.

On Feb. 12, Morrison County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a home in Elmdale Township, where residents told officers that Pirttila drove onto the property and got out of his vehicle, holding what appeared to be a two-foot long machete. He also looked upset, so the residents locked their door.

According to the criminal report, they told officers Pirttila then kicked down the door and forced his way into the residence. One of the residents ran to the neighbor’s home, the other ran upstairs to get an unloaded shotgun.

Pirttila left, but returned. The resident with the shotgun pointed it at Pirttila, but he seemed to know it was unloaded, took it and drove away.

Pirttila was located in Albany and officers found the machete and shotgun in his vehicle.

Pirttila was initially charged with first-degree burglary and making terrorist threats and two felony counts of second degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

Pirttila was sentenced to 21 months in prison, stayed for 20 years.

Prosecutor Morrison County Assistant Attorney Todd Kosovich said Pirttila   pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree assault and received a stay of adjudication. The second assault was dismissed.

He also pleaded guilty to first-degree burglary with a stay of execution.

“He will be on probation on both counts for 20 years,” said Kosovich. “Terroristic threats is only a five-year probation crime. So, he pleaded guilty to very serious charges and is on probation for 20 years and with the stay of execution, he is just one step from going to prison.”