Strack announces run for Morrison County Sheriff

Chuck Strack is the Randall Police Chief in addition to his duties with the LFPD.
Chuck Strack is the Randall Police Chief in addition to his duties with the LFPD.

Little Falls Police Detective and Randall Police Chief Charles Strack announced Wednesday, March 12, that he wishes to further serve the people of Morrison County by filing for the office of sheriff.

“Michel Wetzel has done a wonderful job as Morrison County Sheriff for the past 12 years and I would be honored if the residents of the County would elect me to continue the effort he has put forward,” said Strack.

Strack grew up in Morrison County, raised just south of Randall and graduated from Little Falls Community High School in 1987. In 1992, Strack earned his bachelor’s degree from St. Cloud State University in criminal justice. He began working part-time as a police officer in 1994 for the city of Little Falls before being hired full time as a patrolman in 1998.

Strack is a volunteer firefighter with the Little Falls Fire Department (LFFD), starting his service in 1996.

Chuck Strack
Chuck Strack

Strack is a narcotics K-9 officer and was sergeant of the Little Falls Police Department (LFPD) for nine years. He was assigned to the Central Minnesota Drug and Gang Task Force in 2005 and continues today as a detective.

“The name was changed to the Central Minnesota Violent Offender Task Force as they also take on investigations including but not limited to homicides, burglaries, and other more serious crimes,” said Strack.

In 2010, the city of Randall asked Strack to fill its police chief position with limited hours so he could continue to fulfill his obligations on the LFPD.

In 2005, Strack started his own family storage business as CTS Storage. He has grown the business to include five buildings and nearly 100 storage units.

He and his wife, Shayla, have lived in Little Falls with their family for nearly 25 years. Shayla has been employed with Morrison County for 26 years. They have four children and one grandchild.

“My granddaughter is the most wonderful little girl in our lives. Being a grandparent is an incredible feeling and experience,” Strack said.

“I have been overwhelmed with support by so many of my partners at the Little Falls Police Department, Morrison County Sheriff’s Department and the County Police Chiefs. I have been so honored to be asked to run for the position of Sheriff from so many business leaders and health care professionals within Morrison County,” he said.

“I really believe we are entering a critical period in our lifetime with keeping drugs from becoming legalized,” said Strack. He currently sits on the Board with the Minnesota State Association of Narcotics Investigators. He said he has attempted and continues to educate the current and past elected leaders in Washington, D.C., St. Paul and locally, about the legalization of drugs that can be a dangerous and destructive slope for youths. He has given numerous presentations to youths in the schools regarding that danger.

“I feel very strongly that our next elected sheriff of Morrison County has got to take a very active approach in not only keeping drugs out of Morrison County but also keeping them from being legalized in Minnesota,” said Strack. “I have seen the devastating effects that legalizing drugs has done to cities in other states. I am very sympathetic to persons who suffer the effects of terrible diseases but much more research should be and is being done to find a better alternative.

“Law enforcement and health care professionals observed the dangerous trend that illegal prescription drugs were doing to our towns,” he said.

Strack has worked with other members of the Prescription Drug Task Force including Sheriff Wetzel, Police Chief Greg Schirmers, members of local pharmacies, area doctors and nurses from the Family Medical Center, St. Gabriel’s Hospital and Little Falls Orthopedics. He assists in the Drug Take-back program where prescription drugs are dropped off at local police departments and then destroyed as to get dangerous narcotics out of homes.

“In a time like now, when our communities are in a struggle for funding we should look at our departments to see not if but where there is room to give back to our citizens and communities that have given so much,” he said.

Strack has volunteered for nearly 10 years coaching youth baseball and youth basketball while also serving on the Little Falls Youth Baseball Board for five years. “It takes volunteering to make a community,” he said.

Strack has been a parishioner at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Little Falls for 24 years.

“With my experience as a police chief, sergeant, investigator, firefighter, business owner and best of all as a volunteering Dad, I am ready and willing to be the next sheriff of Morrison County,” said Strack.