Clarification on Obamacare needed

To the Editor:

After reading a recent letter to the editor, I think that a little clarification is in order about who has to give up their health insurance policies under ObamaCare.

Five percent of Americans pay for their health insurance plans themselves. These plans usually have very high deductibles, often $5,000 or more and they frequently don’t cover basic services such as prescriptions, mental health care, or rehabilitation services after an accident or stroke.

People whose individual plans don’t cover the basic services mandated under ObamaCare will have to buy new plans which do. — Robert ONeill, Little Falls


  • josh

    People will choose what kind of plan they want or need. all obamacare does is mandate people to purchase a product that they may not want or need, which is unconstitutional! Which pretty much sums up a lot of Obama’s laws and actions. I.E– Obamacare, DOMA, Delay of Obamacare. etc.