Dahlvang convicted of selling heroin

On March 14, Morrison County District Courts convicted Ryan Michael Dahlvang, 29, Little Falls, of third degree felony sale of narcotics.

In June 2013, an investigator from the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office was  told by a confidential informant they could purchase heroin from Dahlvang.

The informant was supplied with buy money and accompanied to a residence in northeast Little Falls. The informant was seen walking into the residence and later leaving.

The informant handed the investigator a package of suspected heroin, stating it was purchased from Dahlvang in exchange for the buy money.

The purchased substance later field-tested positive for heroin.

Dahlvang was sentenced to 60 days in jail with credit for 27 days time served. He was fined $705, of which $120 was for restitution from the sale of the heroin and given 20 years supervised probation.

Dahlvang was given a stay of imposition, a ruling that has charges lowered to a misdemeanor if he abides by all the stipulations placed on him during probation. If he violates his probation, the stay of imposition may be raised to a stay of execution when the conviction stays on the felon’s record or the sentence will be executed.