Greenleaf charged with multiple crimes

Terra Riann Greenleaf, 22, Bemidji, was charged March 18 with one felony count of fifth degree possession of a controlled substance, one gross misdemeanor count each of third degree operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance and operating a motor vehicle after consuming schedule I or II drugs and one misdemeanor count of driving after revocation.

On March 16, a Minnesota Sate Patrol Trooper stopped a car driven by Greenleaf on Highway 10 near Royalton after numerous people called dispatch complaining about the vehicle weaving all over the road.

When contact was made with Greenleaf, the trooper noted her response was slow, her eyes were bloodshot and droopy, her pupils were constricted and her speech was difficult to understand.

Greenleaf allegedly agreed to take a field sobriety test, but failed when she didn’t perform the test properly and lost her balance. When she stated she was cold, she was allowed to sit in the squad car where she began to nod off.

After Greenleaf’s arrest, the trooper allegedly found a metal spoon in the vehicle with burn marks on it, consistent with the use of street drugs. Open bindles, or paper folded into small envelopes used to carry drugs, were located in her purse.

According to the criminal complaint, after she was taken to jail, Greenleaf agreed to both a urine and a blood test. When later searched by a female officer, four hypodermic needles were located on her person along with a “one hitter” pipe containing marijuana. The bindles previously found allegedly tested positive for heroin.

When Greenleaf’s driving status was checked, it was learned her privileges to drive were revoked and her criminal record showed multiple theft-related offenses. She had previously pleaded guilty to a fifth degree controlled substance crime in Beltrami County in  September 2012. From that she received a stay of adjudication, but has had multiple probation violations and warrants since the date of the sentencing.

Greenleaf was also convicted of a DWI in Beltrami County in May 2013.

If convicted, Greenleaf faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.