Jason Harris charged with felony domestic assault

Jason Mounette Harris, 26, Little Falls, was charged March 12 in Morrison County District Court with one felony count of domestic assault stemming from an incident which occurred March 11.

The Little Falls Police were dispatched to a residence in the northern portion of the city. They met with the victim who said she was fearful of Harris who she had a relationship with.

The victim told the officers she believed Harris had been drinking and that he had threatened to kill her. She also said he threw a dirty diaper at her, hitting her in the face, and that he cornered her in a closet and told her he was going to “jaw drop her.”

Allegedly Harris later rushed her several times with a closed fist as if he was going to hit her saying that today could be her last day. According to the criminal complaint, Harris said he wished she was a man so he could smash her in the face.

The victim told officers Harris’ violence had increased in frequency and severity over the past two weeks. In one incident, the victim said Harris broke her finger allegedly because she answered her cellphone.

Harris was placed under arrest and in an examination of his criminal history, officers learned he was previously convicted of violating an order for protection in September 2012 and of domestic assault by strangulation in October 2012, both in Morrison County.

If convicted, Harris faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.