Student seeks input from Polish Catholics

To the Editor:

I’m a student in the department of Geography at St. Cloud State University, conducting for my thesis on Polish ethnicity’s influence on Central Minnesota’s Catholic landscape.

When I began work on a study this past fall relating ethnicity to church architectural style, I quickly realized that most of the previous research done on the topic in Central Minnesota focused on German influences and that the significant Polish contributions had been mostly overlooked. I decided to focus on the subject for my thesis and give the Polish Catholic culture of the area some well-deserved and long-overdue attention.

I’m seeking volunteers for a short list of questions. In order to participate, volunteers must be of Polish Catholic heritage with a religious shrine in their yard or garden.

To participate, please go to or call (501) 481-3149. You will be asked to answer a brief list of questions. Your name and address will remain confidential and will not be disclosed in my results. I will be using the data collected in the creation of a map relating shrine locations to areas that were settled by the Polish during the early 20th century. — Katherine Koschak, Ham Lake