Johnson announces his re-election bid for District 5 county commissioner

Duane Johnson
Duane Johnson

District 5 Morrison County Commissioner Duane L. Johnson has announced he will run for re-election this fall.

“I very much enjoy serving the citizens of Morrison County and District 5,” he said. For the past year, he has been working with three new commissioners. “My hope is that next year, I will be working with another new commissioner (Commissioner Don Meyer will not run for re-election). We don’t always agree on every issue, but we do work as a team and compromise.”

Johnson said his goal since being elected in 2006, has been to keep the county tax levy down, keep salaries reasonable and still move the county forward.

“We have 730 miles of county roads that have to be taken care of and Morrison County has always had good roads,” he said.

Listing other accomplishments of the County Board during his tenure, Johnson noted the county carries a very low debt load. The County Board also combined the auditor/treasurer positions into one entity and replaced all 911 signs in the county. The Board also had street lights placed at dangerous intersections in the county.

“I love my job because just about every day there is something different to deal with among all the committees I serve on,” said Johnson. “It would be an honor to serve another term as the 5th District county commissioner.”

  • Wasn’t combining the auditor and treasurer’ position done against the advise of the Attorney General?

  • robin hensel

    Wow…..thanks for reminding the readers about this Jody. Why on earth would the county attorney have suggested anything that the attorney generals office stated was not legal. I am looking forward to the day when “real” ……..factual ….unbiased news is presented by the mcrecord. Maybe then we would have more ethical governance at all levels of government…law enforcement…our court system…and non profits. For far too long all these entities have been allowed to run amok without accountability to the public. When the only news sources including radio and newspaper refuse to accurately report events the general public gets a distorted sense of reality. Hip hip hooray for real investigative news. I can’t wait. This will help turn around our quaint little river town with the great big problems. It is no coincidence that alot of officials are resigning or retiring at this time.