Global warming no joking matter

To the Editor:

A few weeks back Tom West’s column about the “Winter Misery Index” contained a statement about global warming and that he was looking forward to its return.

This demonstrates that he doesn’t grasp the concept, or the implications of this serious subject.

Two weeks ago NOAA released a map showing what the average temperatures have been this past winter and just as the meteorologists have been telling us, the Pacific Ocean by Malaysia/Indonesia and the gulf of Alaska have set new record warm temperatures. This has caused the jet-stream to go north of where it normally is in winter, consequently keeping California dry and our region colder just as we’ve been told by reputable scientists all winter. This also proves their hypothesis that temperature extremes will be part of the phenomena as it progresses.

Burning fossil fuels releases carbon into the atmosphere that the earth sequestered into the ground millions of years ago. Carbon creates a greenhouse effect which is the cause of global warming. Carbon gases were proven to have this ability over 150 years ago.

Global warming hasn’t gone away. On the contrary, it’s doing what has been predicted. — Bruce F. Retka, Royalton

  • robin hensel

    Thank you Bruce for writing this pertinent letter. Tom West doesn’t have a correct grasp on a lot of issues. This area deserves good journalism. Wouldn’t that be a refreshing treat?

  • Concerned citizen

    Dare I say “Chill Out” Bruce?!?! It was a passing Ha Ha, or joke at the end of a well written tongue and cheek commentary. (At least you have Little Falls finest on your side!)

  • josh

    Gloabal warming which is now called climate change is not a proven fact. Do some research instead of believing what Al Gore tells you. The global average temperature has not risen in 15 years. The earth climate is always changing from year to year. Just follow the money and you will find your answers. Think of the control the government will have over you if it fully falls for this hoax. They will be able to tell you what car to drive, your prices for energy will sky rocket, they can limit where you can live. They have already passed Obamacare which is nothing more than a government take over of 1/6 of our nations economy and then add on control brought on by fear of GW and you have barely any freedoms left. Lets hope that it never gets that far but believing a hypocrite like Al Gore is not sound judgment.

    • Then they’ll ban the bible and hand our communities back to an Indian Tribe… sheesh.

      • Concerned citizen

        Note: When backed into a discussion corner that one cannot get out of!
        Bash the Bible, and blame our forefathers actions!! (Its an easy exit/excuse for lack of reason)

        • josh

          Very true Jeff. She had no substance behind her reply and sadly discredited herself. I enjoy a good conversation and it is disheartening when someone has to bash others or something of significance. Considering that the way we are heading with these so called anti-bully laws that will harm innocent beliefs it would not surprise me if the Bible wasn’t banned in our lifetime.

        • Not sure when you perceived yourself as having backed me into a discussion corner? My father the former paratrooper is dying of cancer in another state, so you know, priorities…but I’m glad you thought you won some debate because I was too busy to pay attention to whatever ill-conceived rhetoric you posted.

          Which is actually enormously funny. I get busy with work and then leave town while your at you’re monitor high-fiving yourself for a won debate where you’re the only one talking…well done, champ.

          Nothing I wrote bashed the Bible or blamed forefathers, it merely mocked the ridiculous right-wing hysteria and you missed the joke…cool down.

          • Concerned citizen

            Another great ones passing, I will not rebut your latest narcissistic rant in honor of your father. God Bless!

          • josh

            Sorry to hear about your father Jody may God bless whatever time he has left here on earth.
            As far as your perceived right wing hysteria goes is it right wing hysteria when science goes against what the left wing thinks? Global Warming isn’t called global warming anymore for a reason. The data is not sound and it is a computer model. There are scientists out there also who say they have evidence to show we will or are cooling. The earth isn’t a constant we know that is a fact. Al Gore movie (I forgot what it was called) was found to be full of lies as pointed out by the NOAA. Now I don’t know how trustworthy the NOAA is but I know Al Gore is one of the last people you want to trust on the issue as his pockets are filled to the brim with money from his scam. He is a left wing elitist trying to pull the wool over your eyes. And he is one of the largest hypocrites out there. Global whatever you want to call it needs a new spokesperson.

  • Great letter!