Kresha unanimously endorsed by District 9B delegates

Rep. Ron Kresha
Rep. Ron Kresha

On Saturday, March 15, District 9B republicans endorsed incumbent Rep. Ron Kresha for the November 2014 election. The endorsing convention was held at the Verndale High School with approximately 75 delegates and alternates from Districts 9A and 9B. By way of voice vote, the 9B delegates unanimously endorsed the uncontested Kresha.

“There is no way to fully express my gratitude and humility to represent District 9B,” said Kresha. “As a person who enjoys meeting people and solving complex issues, this is challenging and enjoyable.”

Kresha was elected to his first term in November 2012 with 53 percent of the votes. Since taking office, he has worked on a variety of issues key to District 9B: agriculture policy, rural economic development and broadband expansion, veterans’ benefits and education policy and early learning.

“My experience in education, business and economic development allow me to dive deep into policy that affects our area,” stated Kresha. “I have worked hard to understand the policies and to build relationships with other legislators who share the same concerns for fiscal responsibility and economic growth.”

He has been married to his wife Wendy for 20 years and together they have five children. His son, Alex, has joined the Air Force and his four daughters attend Mary of Lourdes and the Little Falls Community High School.