Long-term care pay increase needed

To the Editor:

In his guest column last week, the DFL chair questions Rep. Kresha’s commitment to long-term care workers and the 5 percent campaign. He neglects to note that despite record-setting spending and tax increases, Democrats failed to allocate the sliver of funding needed to deliver on a 5 percent increase to those people that care for some of Minnesota’s most vulnerable citizens. This provision had bipartisan support which included Rep. Kresha.

Last year and at this time, Democrats have majority control of each part of Minnesota government. They are quick to point out that there is a $1.2 billion surplus, yet they did not commit any of that surplus to the 5 percent campaign. Since Democrats are unwilling to use the budget surplus to fund it. I’m sure there are many areas to find the funding. How about reallocating the funding for that $90 million Senate Office Building?

The blame game and finger pointing are old and tiresome strategies. Minnesotans are looking for leadership and solutions. When it comes to the issue of funding our nursing homes, long-term care facilities and the workers that care for our most vulnerable, this is simply the right thing to do. — Patty Wilczek, Morrison County Republican deputy chair, Little Falls

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    Patty you are barking up the wrong tree. Just look back a few year when Republicans were in control they cut long term care and aid to rural hospitals. Last year in the Health and Human Service Bill there was a 5 % increase for long term care which passed. What did Ron Kresha do last year he voted NO.This year is election year so he for a increase, but what will his vote be when it come time to pay for? It sounds like he is talking out both sides of the mouth.