Devin Popp named at the RHS Artist of the Month for February

Devin Popp was named as the Royalton High School Artist of the Month for February.
Devin Popp was named as the Royalton High School Artist of the Month for February.

Devin Popp, the son of Troy and Debbie Popp, was recently named Royalton High School’s (RHS) Artist of the Month for February.

After transferring to Royalton High School in the ninth grade, Popp has been a regular in the art room. He has taken drawing, painting, ceramics, design and photography classes and excelled in each of them. As a senior, he has spent most of his time drawing scenes that usually include some kind of classic cars.

“I drew this 1931 Ford truck from a photo that I had from my great grandpa,” said Popp. “I really like to work on cars, and drawing is just another way that I get to do that while in school. I know my grandma enjoys this work because it was her dad’s car. So, in a way, this drawing was for her.”

“Devin was one of only two juniors who earned Artist of the Month honors last year,” said RHS art instructor Carl Halverson. “Students like Devin take art classes as electives because either they try to find something that they can fully connect to, or the project might serve as an outlet to take them someplace that they are fond of.  For an example, I have used my own portrait of my mother holding my oldest son Jacob on her lap, when he was two years old. That family portrait will be passed on for generations. In the same respect, Devin has worked on projects like this truck because it means something special to him. He created it because it is a personal tribute to someone in his family. That’s what draws so many students to the visual arts at Royalton High School.”

Popp’s work is on display in the art showcase outside the high school media center.