Danielle Sutton is Swanville’s March Senior High Student of the Month

Nielle Sutton
Nielle Sutton

Senior Danielle “Nielle” Sutton has been chosen as the Swanville March Student of the Month for grades 10-12. She is the daughter of Pam and Dan Sutton.

“Danielle Sutton is a good student who works hard to do high quality work. She is always pleasant and gracious both in and out of class. She is a positive person with a sense of humor and a delightful laugh,” said Kathy Detloff, English teacher. “Nielle has participated in Swanville theater productions since she was in seventh grade. I have so enjoyed watching her skills develop. Nielle dives into a role immediately and works to create a character. This spring in particular, she tackled the challenge of learning an Irish accent and is showing leadership by consistently being in character. She came to the first read-through of the play with her accent in place. Her determination to do the accent well has been a positive force in the production. She shows leadership not only on the stage but backstage as well. During the fall play Nielle was one of the students who organized the scene changes so that the results performed in front of the audience were professional and efficient. No doubt that will be true for the spring play as well.”

Sutton has many interests including reading, listening to music, singing, spending time with friends and family, playing volleyball and shopping. She plans to attend college, but has yet to choose one. She would like to major in a medical field and possibly also attain a minor in theatre.

Very active in her school career, Sutton has been a key volleyball player, participating since seventh grade all the way through her senior year. She has been in all theatre productions since entering seventh grade and is currently one of the lead roles in the spring theatre production. She has been in band since seventh grade and also added choir to her musical endeavors her junior and senior years. She has participated in the Healthy Communities Collaborative since she was a freshman. She is a two-year veteran of the National Honor Society. Sutton also played softball for a number of years and also participated in speech for three years.

“Nielle is a very patient and understanding person. She will help others in any way that she can. Nielle’s family and background have given her values that are very hard to find in today’s society. I am impressed with her accountability, respectfulness, honesty and other fine attributes. She will bring good wherever she travels. She will be an asset to any astute employer that hires her,” said Marv Poegel, physical education instructor. “I highly regard Nielle as a person. I currently have Nielle in a physical education class and it has been a real pleasure to have someone who is so kind and respectful in class. She always has a wonderful smile on her face and approaches life with positive enthusiasm. She will be successful in life because of all her great attributes. Congratulations to Nielle and her family for this nice honor.”

Selected as All Conference Honorable Mention this year for volleyball, Sutton has lettered multiple times in volleyball, as well as theatre. She is consistently on the honor roll and has been nominated for top performer nominations in theatre multiple times.

Sutton’s positive energy does not just stay in school. She was a girl scout for six years, has volunteered her time and efforts at Share a Meal through the National Honor Society and is a JO volleyball coach for the 13-year-old team this year.

“Be yourself now because it will be harder to find your true self later in life,” is Sutton’s advice to fellow classmates.