Engman convicted of two counts of selling drugs

On April 2, Morrison County District Courts convicted Andrew Jerrod Engman, 40, of two felonies for fifth degree sale of a schedule IV controlled substance mixture and a third degree sale of a narcotic.

In January 2013, a member of the Central Minnesota Violent Offender Task Force was contacted by a confidential informant who said Engman wanted to sell 20 klonopin pills for $2 each.

The informant was provided with buy money and went to a predetermined location. When Engman drove up and exited the car, the informant entered the car, stayed for a short time and then left the scene.

The informant met with officers and said the pills had been left in the glove compartment and they were replaced with the money.

The informant turned over 20 pills identified as clonazepam, a schedule IV controlled substance.

On another occasion in January 2013, an informant again exchanged buy money for drugs in Engman’s car. The informant turned over a baggie containing 15 oxycodone,  four clonazepam and three lorazepam pills. All are schedule II or IV controlled substances.

Engman was sentenced to 90 days in jail with credit for the eight days already served. He was fined $265 for the first count and $625 for the second count and was given five years of supervised probation.

Engman was given a stay of imposition which means his sentencing will be deemed a misdemeanor if he completes the full term of his probation with no violations.

Dismissed against Engman was one fifth degree felony count of selling a schedule IV controlled substance mixture.