Boys and Girls Club: ‘We’re this close’

Froggie-at-signWednesday, Froggy Nornberg of Froggy’s Signs and Graphics was able to Raise the bar on the thermometer measuring the progress toward the goal of raising $1 million to remodel the former IGA building in west Little Falls for the Boys and Girls Club. It’s taken a year to raise $820,000 and Bernie Jeub, member of the Boys and Girls Club Board said the last $180,000 is needed in the next few months.

Bernie's-fingers“We’re ‘this close,’” said Jeub, holding his fingers close together in measuring the space left on the sign. The Club originally planned to open in its new location the first of June, but Jeub said “that may be tight.” Sales from the “New to You” store at the site  will benefit the Club to help it become self-sustaining. The Club has approached the City Council about resurfacing the parking lot, adding green space, as well as parking for the store, Club and the public. For information or to donate, contact the Boys and Girls Club at (320) 414-0322.