Bigger is not always better

By Rep. Ron Kresha, Guest Columnist

Minnesota has become a battleground in the debate over the size of government.

On one side there is the battle cry for more government intervention into our economy and everyday lives, as we’ve seen over the past two years during one-party control in St. Paul.

About $160 million was spent on the MNsure website that wobbled off the launch pad and is still not fully functioning and processing applications effectively. An $89 million Senate Office Building with no public parking will seemingly be built to honor the presence of our part-time senators.

The recent passage of a bullying bill turns state government into the State Board of Education. Local school administrators and teachers are no longer trusted to handle student conflict. In the name of “safe schools,” bureaucracy is interjected between the school, parents and teachers. It seems it no longer takes a village to raise a child, just the government.

Our state government is the largest employer in Minnesota and continues to grow each year with no end in sight.

On the other side is the argument for efficient and effective government that is limited and less expensive.

Minnesota is blessed with a growing agriculture economy, booming energy sector, growing manufacturing and high tech entrepreneurs.

Our business economy is fighting to find skilled employees to meet the needs of the growing global middle class with good-paying jobs. But business needs the space to grow and the business economy cannot compete with the rapidly growing and more expensive government.

Moreover, business needs an education system where students can reach their academic potential. Education dollars need to go to academic achievement in the classroom, not social engineering. The competitiveness of our economy depends on the entrepreneurial fearlessness of our next generation, not the size of our state bureaucracy.

How can we promote and encourage that entrepreneurial spirit? How can we make sure the next Fortune 500 company is founded here in Minnesota rather than lower-tax states with booming economies like Texas and Florida?

The answer is simple: get government out of the way, and empower our local schools.

Unfortunately, over the past two years that approach has been cast aside in favor of government without guardrails. Government has grown by more than 10 percent over the past two years. Taxes have shot up by more than $2.1 billion. Government has added regulations and mandates that make the price of doing business more expensive.

In education, we’ve seen more money invested, but little interest in working with our local school administrators to ensure accountability and results. The educational policy that has come from St. Paul this last year has focused more on feel-good policy and less on achievement programs and family stability.

Government should be preparing people to enter the business sector and then get out of the way as much as possible.

If we continue improving in the area of education and put a stop to this unsustainable growth in government, the best is yet to come for Minnesota.

I believe we can either have a robust, booming economy fueled by innovators or we can have a flat economy subsidized by the government and ultimately the taxpayers. Personally, I am a risk-taker shooting for new heights.


Rep. Ron Kresha, R-Little Falls, represents House District 9B, which includes most of Morrison County.


  • Federal

    Gosh Ron more doom gloom and blame. Why is Mn unemployment under 5%? A Leader in the nation in Education, Health care , job creation, business climate and much more. What have you did in last 2 years. beside vote No to education,Property tax relieve, Vet, Heallh care , wage increase for long term care and much more. It time to get off the pot stop being a whiner and blaming and say the true fact that Mn is a leader in the nation. Ron you must have a short memory education is what makes MN great..

  • josh

    We all should know by not that Obamacare is a disaster, there is no speculating about that here as it is a fact. The bullying laws can be scary. What happens if a child goes and tells another child that his parents are don’t agree with lets say homosexuality, is this going to be considered bullying? The fact of the matter is the more government you have the less freedom you will get. Minnesota is a rollercoaster ride politically when it comes to who we elect. We elect the likes of a predator killing movie star in Jese Ventura, a diaper wearing comedian in Al Franken to self proclaimed horrible politicians in Dayton. We have a great state here and I do agree with Ron that taxes are to high here as we rank up there as one of the highest taxed states.

    • Federal

      Josh you must be a public employee or have one good employer and don’t know the cost of health care.On open market the cost for 1 person pre Jan 1-14 was $450 per month with a $3000 ded with no prevented care plus 20% of next $5000 for a person in late 50’s and Ins Co would not sell anything better so we had to pay $8400 before Ins paid 1 dime very Sad. When we were forced to get private policy 10 years ago it took over a month to get accepted and 4 rejection and end up on Mn comp, Obamacare or Mnsure it took 4 hour to get the paper work completed with phone time pretty dare good compare to private plan. Cost for our Mnsure plan $385 per month or $4620 per years plus NO ded on preventive care, A real saving to us of $3780 per year. Josh just log on MNsure the average family of 4 income in Morrison County is $48000 and see how MNsure makes health care affordable for all. Gov Dayton and DFL has made great gains for Mn Just look at Wisc and Tea party Gov Walker how they are rated and with higher taxes Number 37.SAD,

      • josh

        I looked at MN sure my premium would have been $400 more per month than a private plan and had a higher deductible. I am glad it saved you money but not me. This law never was meant to save money anyways it is a government takeover of 1/6 of the nations economy. If you hate monopolies you just got one with Obamacare. Just wait until they really start pushing Single payer. The fact that Democrats are not running on Obamacare, I.E Pelosi, shows they know it is a failure. Obama said you can keep your doctor or insurance, he knew from the beginning that many couldn’t. 20 million or more people have lost coverage due to Obamacare. Biggest lie of the decade.. Probably.
        I don’t know what your health situation is as if I wanted single person coverage I would have to pay $250 per month in a private so I don’t know who you went through or what your situation is to have $450 per month coverage for yourself. If you value your freedom please do your research as Obamacare is unconstitutional in many different ways. I also work with a single mother of one who now can not afford Health care costs because of Obamacare. Plus you have no right to privacy with your records now either. By the record I work at a private owned Co.
        The only thing Dayton has made gains on is higher taxes. He is a typical tax and spend politician. They need to actually balance the budget and not tax us more to pay for their out of control spending.

  • robin hensel

    Ron kresha owns a company called “GOLDEN SHOVEL”. His company has assisted many organizations dig for government gold with his big government SHOVEL. Look it up for yourself. Look up “GOLDEN SHOVEL”….then track where the $$$$ comes from (like for instance economic development gov welfare for business and the like). This practice is referenced by some as feeding at the gov trough.