History comes alive at Lindbergh Historic Site

Experience the era’s pop culture with hands-on learning Thursday, April 24

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

Ever wonder what it would be like to actually explore history without having to sit and listen to a lecturer talk for hours? The Lindbergh Historic Site is giving 25 people the opportunity to do just that Thursday, April 24.

Those who attend the Pop Culture Lindy event will meet for beer or wine and appetizers at Charles A. Lindbergh’s boyhood home on South Lindbergh Drive in Little Falls. They will be allowed to explore the home and ask questions of volunteers throughout the home. It will be a hands-on experience.

The guest of honor will be Brian Horrigan who worked in the exhibits department at the Minnesota Historical Society in the Twin Cities. He is currently on leave and writing a book about his passion, Lindbergh, and the popular culture in the United States after 1927 when Lindbergh completed his historic flight over the Atlantic Ocean.

Pop-Culture-Lindy-bwHorrigan has been analyzing souvenir pieces that materialized everywhere after the flight, stories of the day and just why Lindbergh became so popular.

“Lots had to do with Lindbergh being young, handsome and single,” said Melissa Peterson, director of the Charles A. Lindbergh Historic Site.

“When Lindbergh made the flight in 1927, visual media was just beginning to explode. Everyone saw him land in France. When he returned and made his goodwill tour, one in four people in the United States saw and heard him speak,” she said.

Peterson said the Pop Culture Lindy event will give people the opportunity to hang out, talk with others and explore the Lindbergh home.

Thursday’s event will not be the only opportunity to explore history. Also planned are other events in the community. In July, attendees will learn about military history at the Minnesota Military Museum located at Camp Ripley. In October, people will be able to experience, hands-on, history on the Hill at the Linden Hill Historical Event Center in Little Falls. Then in January 2015, Railroad History in Little Falls will come alive at the Little Falls Chamber of Commerce Cass Gilbert depot.

“This is an opportunity to engage new audiences and to show them history does not have to be boring,” said Peterson.

To make reservations for Thursday’s event at the Lindbergh Site, or for future events, contact the Lindbergh Historic Site at (320) 616-5421.