LF mother and son charged with helping a child run away

Mary Kathleen Koran, 42, and her son, Joshua Eldridge Childs, 23, both of Little Falls, have both been charged in Nicollet County courts with a felony depriving custodial or parental rights and gross misdemeanor contributing to the need for child protection or services.

On Dec. 6, 2013, the North Mankato Police Department received a report that a juvenile had run away from her home. The caller, the foster parent of the 16-year-old female, told officers she had last seen the girl the evening before when she went to bed. The girl was discovered missing the next morning, allegedly leaving through a bedroom window.

The foster parent said she believed the girl had made arrangements with an unknown male via Skype and that she had saved some of the typed conversations which had allegedly taken place between the two. Those conversations, dated Dec. 3, 2013, were provided to the officer.

The unknown male identified himself by the username of Demonic-Evol and that the girl used the name Fallen Demonic Angel.

The foster parent said she had accessed the girl’s banking records and discovered that someone had allegedly used her debit card to withdraw $60 from an ATM in Belle Plaine.

During the investigation, the officer learned that Childs was the individual who used the name Demonic-Evol on Skype. When checking the girl’s Facebook page, the officer learned she and the defendant were friends.

Childs told police that on Dec. 6, 2013, he allegedly awoke to someone knocking at his door. When he answered, the girl in question was there with all her belongings.

Childs said he thinks his mother, Koran, had driven to North Mankato and picked up the girl without his knowledge. According to the criminal complaint, he told the officer he had a “gut feeling” that the girl’s presence at his apartment was wrong.

Child’s told the officer he went online to determine whether or not the girl had been reported as a runaway and while he never found a posting saying such, he knew he was in trouble when the officer arrived at his apartment Dec. 9, 2013.

If convicted, both Childs and Koran face a maximum penalty of two years in prison and/or a $4,000 fine.