Bigger government is not better

To the Editor:

So the Morrison County DFL Chair thinks that the Republicans are fighting against a “better Minnesota.” The battleground is a debate on the size of government, not a better Minnesota.

Governor Dayton raised taxes by $2.1 million, not just on the wealthiest Minnesotans, but on farmers trying to patch together their machinery. Then a year later, he realized his mistake and amended them. He still instituted a $1.7 million increase overall, much of it on the backs of farmers and other small business owners..

The debate isn’t about a better Minnesota. It is about the size and scope of government.

•Democrats see a better Minnesota as being bigger government, cradle to grave, and having someone else pay for it; and

•Republicans see a better Minnesota as people doing for themselves with freedom.

One result of government overreach has been the fiasco of Obamacare and MNsure, with fewer Minnesotans having health insurance than before their implementation.

Republican principles can be summed up in two statements. Government should only do for people what they cannot do for themselves. And government closest to the people is best.

That is the debate, and it is far from over.

And then the DFL Chair has the gall to mention “our most vulnerable citizens” when Democrats do nothing to protect “our most vulnerable citizens,” the unborn. — Aleta Edin, Burtrum

  • Rick Witte

    Tell me Ms. Edin when has any Republican Administration changed either the scope or size of government? They seem to like the rhetoric of it all, but in practice they actually change nothing. Cutting taxes changes neither unless of course you actually change something in the process. What have they changed.

  • josh

    Democrats say they balanced the budget. I guess it isn’t that hard when you grab more money that isn’t there’s to begin with. Legalized theft is what it is. This is why we need to shrink the size of our government, it will take less of our hard earned money to run it.