Kresha misrepresents facts

To the Editor:

His voting record and guest editorial prove Rep. Kresha represents his right-wing party; but he’s misrepresenting the facts.

Kresha talks about Minnesota’s “growing agriculture economy, booming energy sector, growing manufacturing and high tech entrepreneurs.” But, he’s afraid “lower tax states” like Texas and Florida may spawn the next new Fortune 500 company.

Kresha and the Republicans hope we don’t notice how well Minnesota’s economy performs under current taxes and regulations.

Let’s look at reality instead of an imaginary future. Kresha praises Texas and Florida, where government gets out of the way of education. Not true. Both states have state committees choosing textbooks and curriculum content. Those committees are strongly influenced by political pressure from organized partisan groups. That’s local control? It’s the opposite. He says what we want to hear.

Instead of working hard to create good government and good schools, Kresha would turn them over to the wealthy and “get out of the way.” The 2008 “recession” showed what happens when government gets out of the way.

Does Kresha want that repeated until the richest control everything? His voting record and guest editorial prove Rep. Kresha represents his right-wing party well, but he’s misrepresenting the facts to his constituents. — Gary Gannon, Randall

  • robin hensel

    well said Gary…….not only all that you stated but Kresha’s business called “Golden Shovel” is great at scooping up all that GOVERNMENT MONEY which makes him a GOVERNMENT GOLDIGGER AND THEN SOME. Check it out….see just exactly he advises his clients to fund their projects. Is he not encouraging his clients to apply for Economic Development grants?(which are taxpayer funded programs) Check out for future information on this. Meantime checkout Bluestream Prairie’s article “Golden shoveling: Kresha sorta wants government to “get out of the way as much as possible

  • LF Taxpayer

    Does the DFL have a candidate or are we just to expect hit pieces on Kresha until November?

    • Rick Witte

      Not sure how you would refer to this as a “hit piece(s)” since it is merely a response to a letter that Representative Kresha, himself, or maybe staff, wrote. I am not sure where you get the idea that there must be an opposing candidate before one could put finger to keyboard to pen a letter in response.

      Representative Kresha is singing of a bright sunny day with Republicans in control while he points to that dark, dank, song of Democrat rule. Some might just disagree with his portrayal of things without relating it to a specific election. Or to the contrary are you telling me that this letter by the Representative is merely the first salvo in his reelection bid?

      • LF Taxpayer

        I read it again Rick just to be sure, not one fact listed, just name calling and attacks. Atypical of a DFL letter it does not cite it is all for the children so maybe they are adjusting their narrative. If you would like I will point out all of the attack letters from now until November that initiate from The Greater Randall to Lincoln area, I suspect they are just around the corner. I only question the lack of a DFL candidate because double G is a known DFL activist.

        • Rick Witte

          LF, what a surprise, activists writing letters in support of opposition to politicians. Most of them are devoid of, or use dubious facts; if you want to call them that. The point I made was that the letter in question was an opinion in contrast to what Kresha presented.

          It is what it was; an opinion. Kresha’s piece was as much a hit piece as it this in that he seemingly attacks the opposing party and promotes his. After all he is seeking re-election and must point out the evils of those that might oppose him.

          As the coming November brings about a new Circus Season I would imagine there will be many letters, devoid of facts, from both sides. Why would this surprise you.

          Kresha wants one to believe that the sky is falling under the Legislature being under Democrat control and how all would be wonderful if only the electorate would see the light and place the Republicans back at the helm. Seems reality would suggest that things would only remain the same, but the rhetoric would make one think differently.