Council to address storm drainage issues in Swanville 

By Kerry Drager, Correspondent

Drainage issues in the city of Swanville may have been caused by buildup of sand due to last year’s road construction. Storm drains near DeGraff Avenue and Fifth Street were open for the majority of the summer and fall last year. This would have allowed sand and debris to collect into the sewers. Rain water has been draining into the culverts and bubbling back up through drains that are located down the road. The city will investigate the issue further.

Lack of storm drains is also causing headaches to some residents on Rhoda Avenue. An ongoing problem with proper water drainage has been causing flooding to Lowel Drager’s driveway for years. When the road was redone last year, Drager had the understanding that a storm drain would be placed near his property so that rainwater would have a place to go. The road has since been repaved, but no storm drain was put in, causing water to continue to pool in his driveway and at the corner of the boulevard.

“One section of the boulevard they sloped so that the water would run off from there, but it’s not enough. It’s actually making it worse,” Drager told the Council. “There should have been a storm sewer put there and I was told it would be put in. Because of the water always pooling there, I can’t get grass to grow. The boulevard is barren. No grass, no nothing. Rhoda looks terrible.”

Other city residents along Rhoda Avenue have voiced their concerns to the board about the lack of grass growing in the boulevard and along the new sidewalk. Grass was seeded only days before the first fall snow last year, leaving residents worried that it may not grow in well. However, the board feels that the grass is starting to sprout.

Tar patches between the sidewalk and the road are also an eyesore. Tri-City Paving and Construction will be returning to finish tarring and Swanville should be the first on their list. The city will also take this opportunity to use their materials to help fill in pot holes.

Swanville City Council Briefs

Other business that came before the Swanville City Council included:

• Approving the replacement of the furnace and water heater in the building that houses the public library. The new furnace will run on natural gas, the water heater will now be electric;

• Approving the purchase of a new computer for the city office. Current computer is running Windows XP and has become obsolete;

• Learning the city maintenance truck’s transmission has been successfully repaired;

• Hearing a request from city resident and business owner Jim Dickinson that gravel to be added to the frontage road from his business to Highway 28. The Council is requesting the local crushed rock company take a look and return with suggestions; and

• Hearing a resident requested a deferral of assessments, but needed more information to make a decision.

The next regularly scheduled Swanville City Board meeting is Tuesday, June 3, at 7:30 p.m. at the city complex.