Statements made during Smith trial not true

By Lori Williams, Guest Columnist

My family and I would first like to say what a horrific thing it was that happened to Nick Brady and Haile Kifer. Their families will be in our thoughts and prayers. It was a horrific day that changed many lives, including ours.

We would like to straighten out all the lies that were told during the trial about our family, especially our daughter, Ashley.

These lies were that she had been the one stealing from Byron Smith for up to 15 years — so she would have started at age 10. It was also stated that she had been seen wearing an aviator jacket that belonged to Smith, also a lie. That she was seen leaving his house carrying items and dropping them as she was walking, is just another lie.

Our daughter has not lived here since 2007, and had been out of state for a couple of years.

What a shock it was to my family to find out in a newspaper, that it was our daughter Smith thought he had killed, that he assumed my husband was going to be coming next and that he assumed our entire family was guilty of stealing from him all these years.

After reading this, we packed up and stayed with friends until a few days after the trial was over, because we were scared for our lives and our children’s and grandchildren’s lives. If we had known all of this from the start, we would not have stayed in our home at all.

If Smith thought all the time we were these terrible people that had been stealing from him, and it was our daughter he had shot, we felt we were not safe. With the guilty verdict, we feel safer, but not completely.

Our lives, especially our daughter’s, have been impacted since these lies have come to life for all to read and hear. Our daughter cries daily, gets threatening texts and is also having nightmares.

We realize that what Nick and Haile’s families went through is far worse than us. No parent should have to go through what they did.


Lori Williams is a resident of Little Falls.