The UBA seeks to provide liquor variety to ballgames

By Kerry Drager, Correspondent

The Upsala Bluejays Amateur Baseball Team (UBA) is interested in pursuing the licenses needed to offer different varieties of alcoholic beverages during ball games. To obtain the correct license for the sale of alcohol with more than a 3.2 percent alcoholic content, there is a $1,500 fee, a charge the UBA cannot afford. The UBA uses funds earned from liquor sales to improve ballfields in the community.

“The problem is that we get very little variety with only having a 3.2 percent license,” said Association member Mikel Nelson. “With a strong liquor license we can offer the variety we’d like to. We don’t want to mix martinis or anything, but want to buy some additional flavors. We’re in the business to generate money for the community, it goes back into the fields one way or another.”

Last year, the UBA was granted a temporary liquor license by the city so that it could cater to guests during Heritage Days, but the organization would like to be able to offer those varieties at ball games as well. The fees and the paperwork needed for multiple temporary licenses is not cost effective. The city sets the temporary license fee, but the intoxicating liquor license and its $1,500 fee is imposed by the state. The board is interested in working with the UBA on this issue, but more information on the regulations regarding the state-imposed fees is needed before a final decision can be made.

Members of the Mount Olive Lutheran Church approached the Upsala City Council to discuss donating the church building to the city, with the understanding that the city would take care of all costs associated with the transfer of ownership.

Church members believe the building could be valued up to $40,000. However, they feel that the building would likely not appeal to anyone other than the city, claiming that the foundation is too high, it’s not in a commercial area and the location may not be ideal for a home. The building is still in nice shape and could be useful to the city. Church members request that the building is not left to deteriorate and that the stained glass window would be removed and donated to another church.

The city is interested in acquiring the building and will have a contractor assess the property prior to accepting the donation.

Upsala City Council Briefs

Other business before the Upsala City Council included:

•Learning that a water leak behind football field was located and repaired;

•Hearing that the Fire Relief Association raffle will be held Saturday, Aug. 9, at the Recreation Building before the fireworks during Heritage Days;

•Approving the use of Upsala Community Development Commission (UCDC) funds for up to $100 on advertising for the citywide garage sale event;

•Approving the purchase of a new copier/printer for the city for up to $400;

•Approving four hours of onsite clerk’s training through Minnesota Rural Water Association for City Clerk Reva Mische;

•Approving the hiring of fire department candidates Robin Yorek, Garret Doucette, Brady Burggraff and Sean Lampert. The candidates will need to complete their training and physicals before final approval;

•Approving the application of dust control and a load of class five gravel to 50th Avenue; and

•Noting the city cleanup day is scheduled for Saturday, June 7, from 8 a.m. – noon.

The next regularly scheduled Upsala City Council meeting is Monday, June 2, at 7:00 p.m. in the city fire hall.