Agenda May

Wednesday, May 14, 2014, beginning at 4:00 PM in the Clover Glen Lane, Little Falls.
1. Pledge of Allegiance.
2. Approval of Minutes
3. Approval/ Modification of Agenda
4. Approval of Bills
5. Staff/Guests Speakers
6. Governing Board Action Items
A. Second Read and Approval of 2014-15 SY Calendars
B. First Read of 2014-15 SY Calendar
C. Approve the revision of Policy 412 Expense Reimbursement
7. Technology
A. Accept Letter of Resignation
B. Approve the hire for a Temporary Technology Support Position
C. Approve Posting of a Full Time Technology Coordinator Position
D. Approve Internal Posting for a Part-Time Distance Learning Coordinator.
8. Personnel Items
A. Approve the ESY Contracts
B. Approve the Postings for the following Positions for the School Year 2014-15
1. Speech Clinician
C. Approve the 2013-15 EMLF Teacher Master Agreement.
D. Hiring Recommendations for MSED Positions
1. Approve the hiring for the Speech Language Pathologist
2. Approve the hiring for a Speech/Language Clinician
3. Approve the hiring for the MCLC EBD Teacher
4. Approve the hiring for the MSED Occupational Therapist
E. Accept Letters of Resignations
F. Approve the Reduction of Two ESY Paraprofessionals
9. Approve Contract for Audiology Services for SY 2014-15
10. Approval of Lawn Care Quotes
11. Accept Donation
12. First Read of FY 2015 (2014-15) MSED Budget
13. Discussion (Non-action) Items
14. Update on Negotiations.
15. Informational Items
16. Cash Flow Report for period ending March 31, 2014

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