Motley begins search for new plow and one-ton trucks

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

Motley City Engineer Bruce Brotherton updated the City Council Tuesday on  his search for a new plow truck. He presented information on the two he had located to date.

Boyer Trucks in Lauderdale has a 2000 Sterling L7501 with 39,175 miles on it for $49,900. Astleford International, Minneapolis, offered a 1993 Ford L8000 for $28,900. It had 33,189 miles on the engine.

“I need to know from the Council what the city wants and what it is willing to pay for the truck,” said Brotherton. He said that the vehicles he researched have both a plow wing and a sander.

“I want to be able to justify the cost and to know why the city chose the one it did,” said Councilman Rob Sampson. “Plus, if we purchase a specific plow truck, will we need to also purchase a truck to replace the 1/2-ton we now use to plow? How much would that add to the equation?”

Brotherton said a v-plow could be added to the new truck, but the Council added that there are other means available to the city to move snow.

Councilman Steve Johnson wanted to know which of the two trucks Brotherton was considering.

Brotherton said he needed direction from the Council so he could present a dollar amount to the finance committee.

“We do have $25,000 set aside,” said Brotherton.

“There is money in reserve,” said Clerk/Treasurer Teri Smith.

The Council voted to allow up to $50,000 to be spent on a plow truck and a pick-up.