County government exists for the public

By Deb Gruber, Guest Columnist 

What does Morrison County do for you? What does your property tax money pay for? Have you ever asked yourself these types of questions? If you have, I am hoping this effort will help provide some answers.

County government does so many different things, from building roads, to arresting and prosecuting criminals to protecting those most vulnerable and so much more.

This column will highlight various topics in an effort to give you a better understanding of what your local county government does and why. Each column, a different department or focus area within the Morrison County Government Center will be featured. This can give you a deeper insight into various components of county government.

Our first segment is on the administration office.

The county administrator is the chief administrative position in the county. The administrator’s responsibilities include directing and managing the overall operations of the $38 million organization. The administrator serves as the clerk to the county board and is responsible for preparing and preserving the official records of the elected governing body.

The county administrator works with the departments to ensure compliance with all county board directives, policies, laws and procedures. This position works with the departments to prepare and present an annual budget for consideration by the County Board, as well as responding to public requests and concerns.

In Morrison County, the administrator also serves as the human resource director and holds the responsibility to negotiate collective bargaining agreements, administers benefits and administers the personnel policies for 260 full and part-time staff.

Our mission statement: “Morrison County will provide cost-effective, high quality services to county residents in a friendly and respectful manner.”

This statement isn’t something we take lightly. My hope is this column will allow for a better understanding of what we do in county government and why we do it. We value the community we work for and want to ensure we are meeting your needs. If you have specific questions or ideas for future articles, let me know.

Deb Gruber is the Morrison County administrator.