NOTICE Notice is hereby given per

Notice is hereby given per Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 116, that James Krych has made an application to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Morrison County for a permit to tear down and reconstruct a deteriorated 56 x 120 pole building used for shelter and confinement of beef animals on an existing 650 AU feedlot located in the Northwest corner of Section 26, Platte Township, 26839 233rd St., Pierz, MN 56364. Existing buildings include a 56 x 120, 20 x 120, 50 x 120. Open lots are 280 x 450, 170 x 100, 120 x 50. Manure storage is a manure pack on open lots. Total animal units will remain at 650 after construction.

PUBLISH: May 18, 2014 (220825)

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