Gage VanRisseghem named Swanville’s Junior High Student of the Month

Gage VanRisseghem
Gage VanRisseghem

Seventh-grader Gage VanRisseghem, the son of Brent and Angie VanRisseghem, has been chosen as the Swanville Junior High Student of the Month for May.

“Gage has been an enjoyable student to work with this year. He is a very conscientious student who works very hard to always do his best work,” said math teacher Liza Hasse. “Gage will take the time to learn from his mistakes and seek help when he struggles with a concept. Gage stands out from his class in the aspect that he does what he feels is right no matter what his peers are doing. Gage is very respectful toward staff and his peers. Gage is very deserving of this award and I look forward to working with him more in the future.”

VanRisseghem played football this year as a junior high student. He also is an active member of the junior high band. Outside of school, he is active in Boy Scouts and enjoys camping, dirt biking, swimming, football and playing drums. VanRisseghem aspires to be an Eagle Scout and was instrumental in the “Sponsor a Stripe” committee, chairing the campaign to get two zebras for the Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls.

“Gage has a quiet and responsible manner about him. Whenever I see him in the hall or in a different classroom he always goes out of his way to make sure he acknowledges me. He is careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings. He has a quick wit and a dry sense of humor,” said Marv Poegel, physical education instructor. “Gage is a self-motivated and self-disciplined young man, these qualities will only grow stronger as he matures.”

One day, VanRisseghem plans to attend college. He wants other students to know to “dream big, because nothing is out of reach.”