Little Falls opts for new life and dental insurances

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer

The National Insurance Services (NIS), hired to send out requests for proposals for life insurance, long-term disability insurance and dental insurance for Little Falls District employees, returned their recommendations to the district.

NIS recommended the district remain with Madison National Life for life insurance. The rates represent a 15 percent reduction on basic life, or $.22 per $1,000 with a three-year rate guarantee.

Madison National Life was also chosen for the long-term disability insurance. At a 20 percent reduction and packaged with the life insurance, the quote came in at .266 percent of the covered payroll, or .039 percent less than the next lowest bid.

Delta Dental was the only dental insurance to respond to the request for proposal. It’s rates did increase from the previous contract.

Two options for dental insurance are being offered. The least expensive policy’s premiums increased by 70 cents for employees only, and for the family, rates increase $2.26.

A more expensive policy’s monthly rates increased by 85 cents for employees only and by $2.80 for the family.