Zylka announces his run for mayor of Little Falls

Greg Zylka
Greg Zylka

Greg Zylka, a current member of the Little Falls City Council, has announced he will run for the mayor’s seat.

Zylka was born and raised in Little Falls with seven siblings. He graduated from Little Falls High School before attending Willmar Junior College. He has worked at Coborn’s for 36 years, nearly 20 of those years as store manager.

Active in the community, Zylka is also a small business owner, serves as chair of the Economic Development Authority in Little Falls is a member of the Morrison County Community Development Board of Directors, the Historic Veterans Art Project at the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery, co-chair of the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Project of Morrison County, is a director on the Morrison County United Way Board, is vice commander of the Sons of the American Legion, serves on the Governor’s Citizen’s Advisory Committee of Camp Ripley, the Little Falls/Morrison County Airport Commission, the Lions Club and is chair of the St. Gabriel’s Hospital Foundation Board.

In past service, Zylka was a member of the Little Falls School Board for nine years, chaired the Capital Campaign for St. Gabriel’s Hospital, is past chair of the Little Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, past chair of the American Cancer Society of Morrison County and Morrison County Relay for Life. He has served on many other committees and fundraisers.

Honors Zylka has received include the Little Falls Exchange Club’s Golden Deeds Award, the Lions Club Melvin Jones Commitment to Community Award, the Mayor’s Pride Award, United Way Circle of Leadership Award, Little Falls Radio’s Hometown Hero Award and the KLTF Good Citizen Award.

Zylka and his wife, Wendy, are members of Bethel Lutheran Church.

  • robin hensel

    Good luck Greg.

  • LF Taxpayer

    Seems like a great guy but now given this previous commenters’ well wish I may have to be a little more skeptical.

    • BreeAnn Rakow

      Don’t be skeptical! Greg is amazing and will make positive changes for this community. He shows passion in all decisions and will drive full force to over come any obstacles. I worked for Greg over fourteen years and know first hand he can get the job done.

    • I’m pretty sure Robin wished him luck because she plans to run against him. But sure vote for Cathy VR just to make a point about Hensel. Besides Cathy has done a great job of writing checks to settle litigation and wasting tax dollars on p!$$ing contest’s over fonts, yard art and “symbols” . Plus there’s already a second bubbling lawsuit on the horizon tethered to the city for illegal fundraising…so sure haphazardly bash around with a second term. After all you’re the LF Taxpayer, feel free to open your wallet to continue the crusade.

      In fact, you should run for office! You fit the local profile perfectly! Focus on one issue (Robin’s yard) and the rest of the city be damned!

      • robin hensel

        Jody and all others…i WILL be announcing my election interest soon.

  • Pam Girtz

    Greg would make a great mayor!

  • Rhonda M. Schmidt

    Woo hoo! Get me a yard sign!

    • central mn

      Rhonda you can have one but it must go on your vehicle,(THANKS Robin!!)

      • robin hensel

        Central mn….thank your lovely city council and city attorney from 40 years ago for forbidding off premise garage sale signs when passing the OLD SIGN ORDINANCE. Then the current council INCLUDING Greg Zylka passed the new sign ordinance AND the sign ord amendments that are pretextual (unconstitutional). Why would you tell anyone to blame ME for something I have no control over? Blame Greg Zylka.

        • Rick Witte

          Robin, did the Court find the sign ordinance as unconstitutional? I dont seem to remember it that way.

          • robin hensel

            Not yet….time will tell if sign ordinance is constitutional. Plenty seem to think it is NOT. They have background in law, do you?

          • Rick Witte

            My background is of no real consequence in this matter. I merely asked if the Court had found the ordinance unconstitutional. From your response it is apparent that they did not and that the matter of it being unconstitutional, at this point, is a matter of opinion. The only opinion that matters, at this point, is what the Supremes say, if this ever gets there.

          • tmac

            But you just stated that they were unconstitutional. Which comment of yours is true?

          • Rick Witte

            While Robin may well have the “opinion” of the sign ordinance being unconstitutional that, in of itself, does not make it so. While the Supremes may well be a bit schizophrenic in their application of the regulation of non commercial speech in regards to sign ordinances I do not see that this case will prevail. In one case lower Courts allowed a City to fine a homeowner who painted a non conforming sign on their residence (“Screwed by the Town of #$&@”) where in another they found for the home owner who did something similar.

            While municipalities may regulate signage through regulation they may not regulate speech. The First Amendment would certainly come into play in these issues. I do not read into the ordinance that they attempt to regulate the actual content but only the number and size.

            From what I remember part of Robins purported speech abridgement was the unequal enforcement. With a complaint based enforcement system unequal treatment is somewhat inherent. Seems one could have two similarly situated properties with equal violations with one garnering complaints and the other not. Not fair, but? In any event Robin complained about the banner, the City took it down.

          • robin hensel

            City took down banner reluctantly …after new sign ordinance was enacted….they rewrote new sign ord because old one WAS unconstitutional…..remember i was asked to remove my signs in fall of 2011 when SUPPORT TROOPS BANNER WAS UP AND HAD BEEN ERECTED ILLEGALLY and up for more than a DECADE….UNDER OLD SIGN ORD. …..so my FREE SPEECH rights WERE violated! …..then city rewrote the sign ord to fit all the needs of business and city itself and changed the zoning of downtown historic areas to all B2 instead of historic (with permission of historic preservation committee) so the troops banner could be re-erected legally after new sign ord passed on july 2, 2012. Then city did what i believe was spot zoning to help the non profits…schools..churches…golf course and city owned property to allow more SIGNAGE. Then in sept 2013 amendments were passed because they had some loopholes for holiday signs and window electronic signs that i helped them discover. I am one step ahead of them.

          • robin hensel

            My free speech lawsuit if appealed would go to court in minneapolis with judges from 3 other states on a panel. Then depending how they ruled it would go to Supreme court.

          • If it is a complaint drive system then the city issuing a warning letter to Robin on the yard art is a problem when they had unattended complaints months earlier regarding other properties that were not followed up on. Her yard art wasn’t even up with the other complaints were filed. During that same time I also issue complaints regarding Virgin Mary statues because they “symbolize”, which according to the city is also a violation but no enforcement action…could it be the city is picking an choosing whose symbols are acceptable?

          • I’m pretty sure Robin was allowed her banners for an extended compensatory period after she filed suit because the previous version of the old sign ordnance was unconstitutional.

          • robin hensel

            Judge kyle erred in law….sign ord is pretextual(illegal)

          • tmac

            In whose opinion?

          • robin hensel

            Bruce Fein…..one of the finest constitutional lawyers in the world.

          • Bruce Fein…the Former Deputy Attorney General during the Regan Administration…I think he even represented Snowden for a time. For the years this has gone on in Little Falls, Former Deputy Attorney General of the United State flies to Minnesota on Robins Hensel’s behalf at no charge to her or Larry Frost to attend her case. The woman the town likes to mock and ridicule…seems kind of funny.

          • robin hensel

            Jody…bruce fein represented lon snowden for a period of time…..lon is edwards father. Bruce has also been involved with the government of sudan during the last year or so. He speaks all over and is very well known and respected. I am honored he is involved with my case.

          • Rick Witte

            Robin from my way of thinking in order to be pretextual the City would have had to put in place limits on the size and number only after you erected your signs. If the limits were in place prior to your exhibit of artistry I dont see any pretext.

            As to your ascertian that the ordinance “WAS unconstitutional that is not what the Court has found to this point. Certainly you are entitled to your opinion.

            While you state that the City took down the banner reluctantly it really makes no difference. Whether they took it down with joyful song or tearful, mournful eyes really is not an issue as they took it down.

            From what I read the Courts seem to look at commercial and non commercial speech/signs differently. While the City may, for aesthetic reasons, limit sinage they may not legislate content in most cases.

            Guess we will see how the Appeals Court views the issue.

          • robin hensel

            We shall find out eventually.

          • That’s because you rely on the Record for your news and they’re subsidized by the city. While the financial award was for the sign bench, the courts also did indeed make significant changes to the city’s sign ordnance.

      • Thanks Robin? Come on Central MN its not like Robin fed city council stupid pills…they own their bad decision making lock, stock and barrel.

        • central mn

          Are you sure Jody? From the way it looks to me she has enough pills to go around.

          • Specifically Central MN what are you referring to? The part where Hensel documents the unequal treatment of community members? Suppression of news by the Record? Freeberg just sentenced a Little Falls small business owner to a years probation for not having a conditional use permit when the city is lets other small businesses get away with doing the very same thing. There have been complaints filed about the businesses that haven’t been cited and nothing happens to them? And you think that’s appropriate? Picking and choosing who the rules apply to and who they don’t? Who gets free speech and who doesn’t?

            Well, then all I can say is that the stupid pills must have been in the drinking water, Central MN and Hensel and I just happened to move into some Alice in Wonderland freak show where Cathy VR picks a local small business owner and shouts “off with her head”! I think ya’ll are nuts.

  • Erik Warner

    I’ll be voting for Greg. He strikes me as a reasonable person who will be thoughtful about decisions. Doesn’t leave me with the impression that he has a radical agenda or ax to grind.