All Smith did was to protect himself

To the Editor:

Byron Smith should be able to move his car, leave his home and camp out on his front lawn and still feel confident that his person and belongings are safe. If Smith anticipated that Haile and Nick might break in if he appeared to be away, does that say something about Smith or does it say something about how predictable the crime pattern inflicted on him had become?

If someone is a victim of repeated home break-ins, are we not in some way criminalizing every law- abiding citizen who takes greater safety precautions should there be a next time?

If a crime victim moves a firearm from bedroom closet to under his pillow, just in case, does this too suggest premeditation or is it indicative of a person ratcheting up personal security in the face of criminal assaults?

How can anyone arrive upon “lying in wait” when his signs said “no trespassing,” he installed surveillance as a deterrent and all prudent and responsible security measures were taken? His windows and doors were locked. How can we suggest a locked home meets hallmarks of “lying in wait” or entrapment when he took every reasonable measure to impede and prevent the final confrontation? — Jody Scott Olson, Little Falls