Questions remain in Smith case

To the Editor:

Many questions remain in the Byron Smith case that unfortunately did not get answered by the trial or police investigations. The biggest that has never been answered is why those kids happened to go to Smith’s house one hour after he moved his car and is waiting in the basement with two loaded guns, a tape recorder that is running, surveillance cameras turned on, and after having practiced making an appointment with a lawyer. He was waiting for them.

How did he know they were coming? What “mess” was he

cleaning up? If I were the parents, I would want to know what calls or text messages came to my kids’ cellphones just before they left home to go do something. His statements to police seemed to be an attempt to make the story fit the scene, and he had 24 hours to come up with it.

Some neighbors are making statements to help support his story, but I don’t know anyone who would park a car three blocks away from home just in case it might get broken into. It makes me wonder about the rest of the story that has yet to be investigated. — Barb Ernster, Minneapolis, former resident of Little Falls

  • josh

    He is a free man (or was) and it isn’t against the law to move your car. He would have somehow had to know they would rob his house. Now this shows that if he knew those to un-innocent kids were serial robbers. These 2 kids were the criminals, they chose to rob Mr. Smith plus other residences in the town of Little Falls. I agree that Smith went to far as far as not calling 911 right away as he himself admitted he went to far. I asked myself which residents were more of a harm to the community of Little Falls and the answer is those 2 kids. Smith was not a danger or menace to this community.

    • Sandy

      But it is against the law to take the law into your own hands and murder people. Don’t know how you manage to skip over that part in your siding with Byron Smith. No, the kids were not innocent, but Charles Manson could have walked down those steps and he would have been guilty of premeditated, 1st degree murder. Did you not listen to the audio tapes? The man planned this murder. You cannot plan and carry out a murder. Why is this so hard to understand.

      • josh

        Sandy- Can you plan someone to rob your house?

      • josh

        What do you mean you cannot plan or carry out a murder? That makes no sense in the context you are speaking in?

  • C M

    Someone had attempted to break into his house, I believe, the day before this incident. So, Byron Smith suspected they would return. In his efforts to catch them he parked his car far enough away that they would think he wasn’t home. He sat and waited for them. Yes, they were wrong, but they were also unarmed. When has it become okay to murder/execute people to protect your “stuff”??