City approves $48,000 to be used for Boys and Girls Club parking lot

By Terry Lehrke, News Editor

Several months ago, Bernie Jeub, a member of the advisory board for the Boys and Girls Club, offered to “gift” the parking lot at its new location to the city of Little Falls.

The city would then repair the lot, take care of the maintenance and repair and it could be used for public parking.

However, the City Council wasn’t sure the city needed public parking at that location.

The Club purchased the former IGA building on west Broadway in Little Falls. Work began last fall and continued over the winter and has been in full swing ever since.

City Attorney Toni Wetzel said if the city were to donate a sum and wanted to dictate exactly how the funds would be spent, an agreement would need to be drafted.

“If you just decide you’re going to donate … and don’t care how they spend it, then there’s no need for any type of an agreement,” said Wetzel. “But if the Council gives it to them and wants it applied to the parking lot, then we need to draft an agreement and they would have to agree to abide by that agreement.”

Wetzel said she wanted direction on whether or not an agreement would be necessary. She said there was no way to know how much it would cost to draft such an agreement.

Instead of paying to draft an agreement specifically dictating where the city’s donation would be used or taking over the lot, the City Council voted unanimously to donate $48,000 to the Boys and Girls Club, adding that the intention is that it be used on the parking lot.

The Council maintained that the reason the Club came to the city in the first place was for the parking lot and trusted the money would be used for that purpose.

The funds will come from the city’s equipment fund, as money in the parking lot fund is used specifically for public parking.

City Administrator Dan Vogt said the donation had been in the city’s budget.