Bemidji woman convicted with possession and DWI

Terra Riann Greenleaf, 32, Bemidji, was convicted June 5 of felony fifth degree possession of a controlled substance and a gross misdemeanor count of third degree DWI.

On March 16, a state patrol officer received a report of a vehicle weaving on Highway 10. He located the vehicle and followed it for a time.

The trooper activated his emergency lights and stopped the vehicle, identifying the driver as Greenleaf. During conversation, he noted she seemed slow to respond to his presence, her eyes were bloodshot and droopy and her pupils were constricted.

During field sobriety tests, Greenleaf said she had used heroin in the past. She failed the tests, losing her balance.

Greenleaf was arrested and when performing an inventory of her vehicle, the officer found a metal spoon in the driver’s side floorboard with burn marks. Plastic bindles were found in her purse.

While at the jail, four hypodermic needles were found on her person, sealed in a plastic bag. Also found was a pipe hidden in a box of cigarettes.

The pipe contained marijuana and the bindles contained heroin.

Law enforcement found her license had been revoked and that her criminal record showed multiple theft-related offenses.

Greenleaf was sentenced to 180 days in jail with credit for 82 days already served for the felony. She was fined $135 and given five years of supervised probation.

For the DWI, she was sentenced to 180 days in jail with credit for the 82 days already served, to be served concurrently with the felony.

She was also given a stay of imposition which means the sentence was stayed, but not the conviction. If Greenleaf successfully completes the full term of her probation, her conviction will be deemed a misdemeanor.