Morrison County Sheriffs Department

June 4 — A burglary on Iris Road in Little Falls was reported.

June 4 — Someone keeps stealing a Giza Plumbing sign from a yard on West Shamineau Drive in Motley.

June 4 — A resident on 95th Avenue in Randall reported a scam wherein a male party called and said he was an investigator from Washington state. The caller said the resident had taken out a loan on “Fast Cash,” gave the resident a case number and said they wanted the money back.

June 6 — A resident on Highway 115 in Little Falls reported his lawn mower stolen and that damage was done to his lawn and septic system.

June 6 — License plates were reported stolen while the vehicle was parked at a business on Highway 115 in Little Falls.

June 7 — Mailboxes in Morrison and Cass counties were reported damaged. A business on 350th Street reported its sign had been knocked down. All reports were determined to be related.

June 7 — A scam was reported by a Swanville resident. The caller said the resident was behind in their power bill and needed to wire $999. The woman wired the money, then called Minnesota Power who said they did not receive any money.

June 7 — A Royalton business reported someone pumped $90.82 in gasoline and left without paying.

June 10 — A solar light was stolen from a business on Fishtrap Lake Drive in Cushing.

June 11 — A mailbox on great River Road in Bowlus was tampered with and a money order taken.

June 11 — A scam was reported by a Bowlus resident. She received a notice stating she won $6 million. When she called the phone number, she was speaking to someone in Spain who wanted her bank account information.