Roach Development proposes 4-plex in Motley

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer [email protected] The Motley City Council closed its regular meeting Tuesday to take public comments on the possible construction of four fourplexes just south of the townhomes on Mill Pond Road. A conditional use permit for the construction would be needed by Roach Development LLC, Little Falls. When reopening the meeting, the council voted to accept the application, as there was no one present opposing the construction. The parcel is approximately four acres and there will be no subdivision. The project would include the construction of private driveways and parking areas to serve the development. The primary entrance and exit would be from Third Avenue South and would extend south to West River Road. To the west of the property is Mill Pond which has been identified as a flood plain. The proposed development is located at the top of a bank that rises about 10 feet above the pond and does not appear to be in the flood plain. “It is the responsibility of the developer to determine the proper elevation and land stability for the proper setback,” said Councilman Pat O’Regan. “Should there be a barrier if the soil is not stable,” asked Councilman Rob Sampson. “We need to stay ahead of the game so the residents don’t come to the city later for improvements.” The Department of Natural Resources said Mill Pond was part of the Long Prairie River and could be subject to a 150-foot setback. The Planning Commission said that direct runnoff to adjacent properties must be eliminated. The Roach Development said it would be installing a stormwater pond, but the city has not received details as yet. Four recommendations for conditions from the planning commission included: • Roach Development meet all requirements of the zoning ordinance for the development including setbacks, building height, stormwater management and other regulations; • Roach Development submit accurate calculations of impervious coverage under the proposal; • The property and buildings shall be maintained in a neat and orderly appearance such that excessive weed growth does not occur, that buildings are maintained in a safe and attractive manner and that parking and outside storage of materials is screened, enclosed or otherwise located so as not to be a detriment to other properties; and • That any other state or federal permits be obtained.