Moose Lake woman convicted of possession

Callie Marie Carrillo, 25, Moose Lake, was convicted June 4 in Morrison County District Court of third degree felony possession of a controlled substance.

On July 21, 2013, deputies from the Morrison County Sheriff’s Department responded to a report of a car on fire. When they arrived they noted two cars were smoking.

Inside one of the cars a deputy located a baggie containing a crystal-like substance and along side was a large roll of cash.

When the deputy asked the occupants to walk to the front of the vehicle and place their hands on the hood, Carrillo, who had been sitting in the back of the car, moved away and placed her hands on the other side of the vehicle, near the wheel well. She was making furtive gestures with her hands. Later the deputy found a baggie of controlled substance where she had been standing.

Carrillo was placed under arrest for possession. She admitted the drugs in the car were hers.

The cash amount equaled $2,097, the methamphetamine inside the vehicle weighed 5.1 grams and the methamphetamine found outside the car weighed .08 grams.

Carrillo was sentenced to 27 months in prison and fined $135.

Dismissed against Carrillo was one fifth degree count of possession because she pleaded guilty to the third degree charge, said Assistant Morrison County Attorney Michel Chisum.