Print study morphs into new printers and copiers for LF School District

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer

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Mark Diehl, the technology director at Little Falls Schools, started in his position in 2008. At that time, the copiers in each building were under the supervision of the business department and the printers were taken care of by whichever building they resided in.

In 2011, all the machines were grouped under the technology department.

In 2012, Diehl wanted to learn about the printing habits of each school and each department. In 2013, he asked Marco Inc., a company which supplies business IT services, to do the study, gathering data beginning in August 2013. It looked at each printer and copier, the volume each did and more.

Diehl wanted Marco to determine if the district switched to a print solution, where would the printers and copiers be located and how many would be needed.

“In the district, there are 22 copiers and 67 laser printers,” said Diehl. “The cost to create black and white copies is .0065 cents each and for color, it’s .1194 cents each. Laser printers cost about .01 cent to .20 cents each. So our costs average $6,543 a month.”

Marco offered to rent to the schools 60 devices plus management software for $2,497 per month on a five-year lease. Another bid came in for 59 devices and software at a much higher rate.

“As of Monday, the copiers in the district will begin to be replaced, taken in trade by Marco,” said Diehl.

Besides the equipment and software, other costs associated with copiers and printers will include the cost of paper plus the per copy costs.

Diehl said that each staff member who uses the printers and copiers will have a pass code so printing numbers will be tracked more efficiently. He expects the amount of printing to decrease.

The new estimated cost per month for copying and printing is expected to be $5,695 if each school stays within its projected numbers.